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    How system call for efuse from CM0 /CM4 is done?



      When we want to change security level with efuse, I think we have to blow a register of efuse though IPC.

      But I cannot find the method to set the pointer to IPC. Maybe, It seems that there is an API for it.


      Please let me know the Software code example.


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          Currently there is no support for programming/blowing the eFuse bits from firmware. You can only read the eFuse bits from firmware (using the Cy_EFUSE_GetEfuseBit() API). The reason being, programming eFuse requires 2.5 V on the VDDIO0 rail and it might be difficult for applications to support that voltage. In addition, since it is an irreversible process, we recommend programming the eFuse during mass production in a controlled environment. Hence, eFuse bits should be blown along with hex file while programming the device. PSoC Programmer will take care of blowing the appropriate eFuse bits with the info present in the hex file.


          Refer to section 2.4 in the PSoC 6 Programming Specifications | Cypress Semiconductor  for details.


          In order for the hex file to map/contain the eFuse bits properly, place the eFuse data in the ".cy_efuse" area defined in the linker scripts.


          Let me know if this helps.



          Meenakshi Sundaram R