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    How can receive image data 5 MB from FX3 to PC with Win7 OS?

      I am using MT9P031 directly connected CYUSB3014. When i use Asynchronous transmission(BeginDataXfer,WaitForXfer,FinishDataXfer),When I transport image data less than 4MB,the image is good,but when i tansport image data more than 4MB,the image is appear in a few seconds later,and the image is splice. So I try to usb XferData to receive image data,is well done any size of image.but the speed is too low that not meet our needs. Who can provide some ideas.Think you.


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      Asynchronous transmission has a limit that tansfer size can‘t more than 4MB,also can meet this problem in streamer application,such as Total xfer length limited to 4Mbyte. If i inneed to transport 5MB image data form FX3 to PC, it has any method to make sure not loss image data. also i ever try to using XferData() to tansport the image data,but the sensor out 14 fps image and PC only can receive 7 fps,it not enough bandwidth to my application.if i still to use BeginDataXfer,WaitForXfer,FinishDataXfer,Can there be a solution? Looking forward to your reply.

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