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    How can I debug the MIPI CSI-2 RX interface?




      I'm using the Denebola RDK together with a custom camera board. I started from the UVC firmware example and configured the MIPI RX according to my needs. I also enabled debugging mode and the MIPI error thread. The camera board I'm using is a custom design with my own FPGA implementation of a MIPI CSI-2 TX. It is likely that I have a few bugs there but I have no way of testing it (apart from simulation) because I don't have a high-end oscilloscope. I tought that I could use the CX3 for debugging. I was expecting that I could hook it up and that I would observe some MIPI errors from the MIPI error thread. However, I don't receive any errors. I'm explicitly printing the error count every 5 seconds and it always returns 0. I'm also printing the state of the GPIF state machine and it seems to be locked in state = 2. What could be possible problems and why don't I receive any MIPI error messages?