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    Mac ezUsbSuite.app won't open on sierra


      I unzipped the directory, and the app couldn't be opened.  So, after some googling, I changed the internal application to executable chmod +x ezUsbSuite.app/Contents/MacOS/*


      After that, I went to preferences to enable opening the app even though the developer wasn't recognized.


      After that it simply did not open.


      using from the command line "open ./ezUsbSuite.app" (inside the same directory) gives LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810.


      I want to do development on the Mac for this, and will possibly deploy on the mac.


      Any help will be appreciated.

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          I hate replying to my own post, but here goes for the ones who are having this same problem.


          1)  fix the executable from a terminal. run the command line command:   chmod +x ezUsbSuite.app/Contents/MacOS/*

          2) download the se6 runtime from Apple and install:  Download Java for OS X 2017-001

          3) create a shell script.  I call it runezUsbSuiteApp.sh.  make it executable with chmod +x .  It has the following two lines in it:



          /Users/maxfield/cypress/eclipse/ezUsbSuite.app/Contents/MacOS/ezUsbSuite ; exit;


          4) to execute the ezUSBSuite, you have to then run a terminal in the directory and type:  ./runezUsbSuiteApp.sh


          This can be fixed by Cypress so we don't have to do this.  Not sure if USB 3.0 support has visibility.

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            To make it easier to open, do the following:


            Inside Applications->Utilities, open "Script Editor"

            add the following line, replacing "username" with your username, and "cypress" with the directory you put the application in:


            do shell script "/Users/username/cypress/eclipse/runezUsbSuiteApp.sh"


            select "save as" (or in the case of sierra) "export" and save as an application.  Name it anything you like , I called it ezUsbSuite1.app.


            You can then double click on it to run your application.