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    S25FL512S Recovery after Block Protection?




      In our system several Xilinx Zynq SoCs are booting from S25FL512S flash.

      Two weeks ago one of these Zynqs failed to boot after power-cycling, which could be recovered by re-programming the flash memory.

      Last week three more SoCs failed to boot, but re-programming of the flash wasn't possible.


      The S25FL512S's registers indicate that Block Protection was somehow activated:

      Status1: 0x9C

      Status2: 0x00

      Config1: 0xEA


      Having three devices failing on the same power-cycling feels systematic, however we have about 20 devices in the system which makes it a 3 out of 20 ratio.

      The data sheet says TBPROT and BPNV are OTP, which makes me believe the flash is in some kind of "fatal error data recovery" mode.

      Further more I think WRITE and ERASE protection shouldn't prevent devices from reading the flash for booting.


      Could someone please give me a hint at what led to this state, or even if it can be recovered?