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    CY7C65620 - unknown device on Downstream Port

      I assembled a PCB based on the Schematic:


      My scheme in the attachment (1).


      I write a standard file 2_port.iic in the EEPROM with the program "Blaster".


      The hub is defined as a universal USB hub in the device manager. But connected to the Downstream Ports flash cards are defined as an unknown device!


      Help me please

      Why the hub does not work correctly?

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          Hello Alena,


          Please check whether the VBUS for Downstream ports are active by making sure the correct polarity of EN pin of Power Switch.

          PWR# pins of HX2LP are active LOW by default, so it is required to use power switches with active LOW EN pin and connect external pull-up resistors (such as 10K).

          Else, the polarity of Power Enable pin can be changed to active HIGH using Blaster config utility if the power switch used is having active HIGH EN pin and connect external pull-down resistors (such as 10K).