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    How do I add cybt-343026-eval to wiced studio 5.2?

      I found a .zip file for cybt-343026-eval but I cannot find the directory mentioned in studio 5.2 on linux. I looked in WICED-5.2, Cypress, /usr/share/applications and /opt/cypress directories but I cannot find the Platforms directory anywhere.


      Also I have a more fundamental question: what code comes loaded on the cybt-343026-eval bluetooth module? HCI? EZ-serial? Nothing? I plugged in the board and it created the /dev/ttyACM0 and /dev/ttyACM1 uart devices, but I've tried sending lots of stuff to them and the do not respond with even a single byte. I didn't change any of the default switches or jumpers on the board. I do see one red light blink on the board when I send lots of charaters. I'm using 115200 bps.


      How can I load EZ-serial and HCI or whatever code I want without having to use the studio software? Also, where do I get the .hex (or whatever) firmware images to download. I want to do this all in linux.


      Finally, should I be using smart instead of studio? and how do I get studio to probe the board to validate that I have everything working?