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    Cypress FX3 Streamer Linux


      Hi I am using VMWare for a Ubuntu Linux guest OS, with Windows 10 as a host OS. So I have installed the cyusb_linux sucessfully and the device is being recognized by the Linux guest OS. But when I try to run the streamer tab, no transfers take place. When the device is connected to Windows host the device manager shows the USB Streamer example firmware loaded. When I try to load the img file to write to the RAM, it is unable to load it. Can I be guided on how to run the streamer example on Linux





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          Your VmWare system may not support hot-plug. After downloading the firmware, close the Control Center/Streamer application. Verify with lsusb command whether you are getting the device with VID/PID 04B4/00F1. Once it comes up, open the Control Center again and test the data transfers.