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    windows 10 mobile - Indicate problem



      I have a small issue, I have made an application on a PSOC 4 BLE, and in this application I’m using

      Custom characteristic some with  Read and write properties, and one use Indicate.

      Every things work fine with the CySmart dongle, a laptop with an internal Bluetooth radio and with my android phone.


      But on windows 10 mobile I’m not getting a acknowledges form the mobile when it has received a data packet, when doing Indicate, read and write works fine here as well.


      The Custom characteristic with Indicate, use a data length of 450 byte.


      I’m not doing the windows software I’m just trying to help the software guy.

      Has any of you experienced similar problems, please let me know. Thanks in advance.


      best regards.

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          When you send a packet with the indicate to the mobile phone, the app running on the phone that is receiving the data should be sending a reply once they confirm that the data is valid/received.

          Device send indicate with data -> Mobile receives packet -> Mobile either sends a response to confirm, or ignores to signal a failure/retry to the device -> device then sends a new data packet if no response was received or gets a confirmation packet if the phone sent the reply.


          My guess if you are not receiving the data packet event on the Win 10 software is that you don't have it setup to query/receive the unsolicited indicate data packets from the cyble device?

          Looking up the how-to on windows 10 bluetooth would be where I would start: Bluetooth GATT Client - UWP app developer | Microsoft Docs

          Keep in mind, you need to be connected for a successful indicate exchange, so if the connection drops or fails then it won't work.