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    Modulation and Coding Scheme(MCS)


      In wiced WIFI application, is there MCS(modulation and Coding Scheme)  configuration for adjusting the transmission rate?

      If have, how to configure?

      If have not, how to adjust the transmission rate in wiced?

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          It is possible to adjust MCS rate in WICED. You can use the command wl nrate for the same. For example, to set MCS7, you can use wl nrate -m 7 -s 0. There is a document on WLAN manufacturing test user guide in doc/WICED-MFG202-R.pdf that will be a useful reference. The description of WL commands is provided in https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-2360 and https://community.cypress.com/docs/DOC-2381. Alternately, there is an API wwd_wifi_set_mcs_rate() in wwd_wifi.c to achieve the same.

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            I find the API wwd_wifi_set_mcs_reate() in wwd_wifi.c. But I have the following question(I use the CYW43907 Demo):

            1)  the introductions are not clear about parameter mcs and mcsonly in wwd.vifi.h, How to configure them?

            2)  When should I call this API in the project? Could you provide the example?

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              1. Parameter mcs is the MCS rate which would lie in the range 0-7 for CYW43907. mcsonly is a boolean flag which is used to indicate whether the mcs rate needs to be overriden on the current band. This is indicated by the bit NRATE_OVERRIDE_MCS_ONLY=0x40000000.


              2. Unfortunately there is no example project in WICED to use this API in application. This API is used underneath the command "set_mcs_rate" in command console. I would suggest you to look at doc/WICED-MFG202-R.pdf to get an idea on setting MCS rate using WL command.

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