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    CyElfTool.exe source code?




      Is the specification or source available for the CyElfTool?


      I know some people use Wine to build on Linux or macOS, but would be great if we could touch-up the .hex file needed for the PSoC without the need for the windows executable.


      I suspect what it's doing is fairly simple.



      thx david

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          Hello David,


          CyElfTool source code is not available to the customers.



          Jobin GT

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            Hi Jobi


            Can you please consider compiling this tool so that it can run (command line) on both macOS and Linux please.

            Or specify the format so it’s possible to roll your own in say python


            We’re really in need of this for both our continuous build systems but mainly for all developers using mac’s as the primary dev machine (terminal / arm-gcc, ”no IDE”).


            ps. We don’t want to have the dependency on running the elf tool using “Wine”.




            best regards