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    Bootloadable allocated at start of 2nd flash array




      I am writing a Bootloader / Bootloadable project for the CYBLE-214009 chip which has 256K of Flash in two arrays of 128K bytes.


      My Bootloader project compiles and only consumes the first 80k of the flash memory, stopping at byte (0x13A99) .  My Bootloadable project however compiles and starts in the 2nd array at byte 0x02000.  This seems very wasteful.  I would like it to be placed immediately after the bootloader.  Is this possible?  I tried setting the manual placement value in the bootloadable module to 0x00014000.  This resulted in the following error:


      ERROR: section .text loaded at [00014000,000146df] overlaps section .cybootloader loaded at [00000000,0001ffff]


      Is what I am trying to do even possible?  I am starting to think it is a limitation.




      - Chris