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    cyble-222014-01 battery level




      I try to use the code example BLE_Battery_Level.


      I change the target decice to use CYBLE-222014-01 eval board with the CY8CKIT-042-BLE Pioneer kit.


      I connect the jumper from P3[5] to VREF on the Pioneer board


      The reading it not good. It's 100% all the time.


      How can I fix that?





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          When you connect positive input of the ADC (Vref pin (P3[5]) in your project ) to VREF pin on the BLE Pioneer Kit you will always see 100% (battery voltage equal to VDD voltage).

          Connect pin P3[5] to GND on the BLE Pioneer Kit and that should change the Battery voltage 0%.

          Refer to the Project Description section of the project datasheet (BLE_Battery_Level.pdf present in the project folder) for details.

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            So if I connect to VREF I always have 100% or connect GND it's 0%.

            How do I get the value ?



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              What output are you expecting out of this project? What value are you trying to get?

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                I want to have the actual battery level

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                  Ok, hope you are not powering the kit with any other sources than coin-cell battery (make sure to disconnect the USB cable after programming).

                  Also measure the actual battery voltage using a multi-meter. If the measured voltage is ~3V you are likely to see 100%.

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                    To read the battery voltage on a chip that is powered by the battery you want to measure, then you will need to create your own scale of which voltages correspond to which % charge of the battery.

                    Otherwise, one method I am using that seems to work well, is to put a large resistor bridge with known resistor values across the battery voltage, and to measure the midpoint voltage with respect to the 1.2 V internal voltage reference on the chip (if available). Using the internal reference is the only good way that I've seen, as the comparisons with the ADC need to have a reference, and any reference to the battery voltage itself will be a tautological measurement

                    tl;dr; You need to setup your ADC to measure the battery voltage with reference to a fixed voltage level; The 1.2 V internal reference is useful for this and is normally available on Cypress' chips. You will need to scale the voltage value with resistors to be from 0 to 1.2 volts (the reference voltage that is fixed) to get a percentage reading. Some math will need to be used to compensate for the reading from the ADC being a numerical count from 0 to ~0 to be converted to 0% to 100%