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    Matrix Button on CY8CKIT-059 (PSoC 5LP)

      Hello !


      Firstable please don't blame me for my english level ^^"


      Could someone help me with my code ? I'm trying to create a 3x3 tactile matrix keyboard with PSoC Creator 4.

      I'm working with a CY8CKIT-059 (PSoC 5LP) and using the CapSense unit of the MCU.


      I've found out a post on this forum with alike problematic. There was a code example in the answers below to use CapSense unit

      with a 3x3 tactile matrix. Here is the link of the topic I'm speaking about.


      Re: Matrix Button on CY8CKIT-059 (PSoC 5LP)


      I've decided to use this code example to create my project. From this code, I wrote something that is right according to PSoC Creator

      but it doesn't work with my matrix button component (an electrical card with tin matrix button link to a ground-plan made with Protheus).


      More precisely, I think I can't get the X/Y key's coordinates back. Actually, I want that a LED blink when you put the finger on one of the 9 keys.

      But it doesn't blink at all ^^". I know the matrix component and the MCU successfully communicate, and the code is running well.


      I think that maybe i don't use really well the functions in this code and hope someone can help me.

      I include my project with my code below. Thanks a lot for your help and have a nice day !