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    Backwards compatibility of MQTT protocol implementation

      My warmest salutations to all fellow raccoons,


      My question is:


      Is the implementation of the MQTT protocol found in WICED 6.0.1 compatible with WICED 4.1.3 SDK?

      Can I actually copy-paste the libraries/protocols/MQTT from 6.0.1 to 4.1.3?


      I understand that a certain level of modification in my application may be required, I am just wondering about any 'arcane' interdependencies there might exist.


      Why would I want to perform such an atrocity?


      I need to be able to handle MQTT packets that exceed the MTU size.


      Why don't you 'just' use WICED 6.0.1 in its entirety?


      I have some issues with the recent adoption of mbedTLS.

      Check this out: WICED 5.2 failure to connect to Azure IoT Hub


      I thank in advance any fellow procyonidae who will pick this up!