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    BLE101 example does not work properly

      I am trying to at least get a simple functioning android app that can read the data from the example project "BLE Battery Level" but I cannot get any android bluetooth apps besides the Cypress CySmart app, which reads the values just fine. The BLE101 app doesn't detect any devices at all. Most other sample bluetooth/BLE apps are unable to connect to the PSoC as well. I will detail my steps below


      I obtained the PSoC BLE UUIDs for the value I wish to transmit (the battery measurement value)


      I have entered in the main UUID and CCCD UUID of the battery measure value in the Android Studio project and ran it on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Android 7.0) without any errors.


      However, when I run the BLE101 apps, I start the Bluetooth and grant the app permission but it does not detect anything when I hit search for devices. It just sits there without any feedback.


      But when I use the CySmart app, the device appears fine and I am able to connect and read all of the values




      I downloaded the BLE101 app files from bleapp/AndroidStudio/BLE101 at master · cypresssemiconductorco/bleapp · GitHub


      Any help would be much appreciated