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    Cy7c68013a intermittent read errors from the bulk end-point



      I am trouble-shooting intermittent read errors from the custom design using 68013a at 480Mbps USB transferring data to Windows PC-based application using 3.4.7 Cypress driver and .net library. The problem occurs rarely - once per 1..5*10e7 packets control transaction ctrlEP.XferData() returns false almost immediately or after few (0-5) milliseconds. Surely I have tried obvious remedies such as using better (or shorter) USB cable, different PC and different USB2.0 port but the problem is persistent.

      - What is the re-transmission policy of the control transactions in the CyUSB driver / .net library  (how many retries are allowed before declaring the failure)?

      - Is any way to change the re-transmission policy?

      - Any other ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated


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