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    Bootloader Host can´t find USB to I2C Bridge


      i stardet with a Cy8Ckit-049 to programm a I2C bootloader. To overwrite the UART Bootloader I used a Miniprog3. That works fine. I can select the Miniprog3 in the Bootloader Host programm as I2C Brigde and can programm the Psoc.


      Now I tried to use the own I2C Bridge from the Cy8Ckit. I Split the Board´s and configurated the USB Brige as USB to I2C



      But my problem is, that the device is not listed in the Bootloader Host, to programm the PSOC via I2C.



      With the other tool from Cypress i could find the device .. see here:



      Could you please help me to find a solution to use the I2C Brige in the Bootloader Host. Thank´s

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          Your custom USB-I2C Bridge device driver implementation should be similar to Cypress Kits drivers (MiniProg3, KitProg, etc.) for proper bootloading operation through Bootloader Host tool. The driver you are using (Vendor Class) does not seem to support this operation by default and may be that is why the Bootloader Host cant find your device.


          However you can send the I2C packets to the connected Slave device through USB Serial Test Utility. Refer to the section 3.3.4 I2C Configuration of CYUSBS234 Kit Guide for details.


          Please contact Cypress Support and file a support case for further details.

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            Hi srds,

            thanks for the answer. I contact Cypress Support, but it seems, that they need time.

            The CYUSB234Kit works with the USB Serial Test Utility. I can send some data.


            I will inform, if Cypress has a soliution for this problem.

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              i got this answer from Cypress:

              Greetings from Cypress Technical Support.


              The CY8CKIT-049-4xxx Prototyping Kits support the CY7C6521x family of USB controller products. USB-UART works in the USB Communication Device Class (CDC), while I2C use the Cypress vendor driver on the PC. You can test the configuration from ...\Cypress\USB-Serial SDK\bin\USBSerialTestUtility.exe. It would list the vendor I2C configuration. 


              Therefore, COM port tools such as Bootloader Host will only work for the UART bridge. You can use the C++ APIs to create scripts and tools included with the USB-Serial SDK to evaluate and control the other bridge options. Please make use of source files for the Cypress-provided Bootloader Host Tool, which is used to test out the bootloader running on a PSoC chip. It is available at Cypress\PSoC Creator\4.1\PSoC Creator\cybootloaderutils\


              Please feel free to update for any clarifications.


              Best Regards,