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    PSoC 4 BLE kit DOA (CY8CKIT-142, CY8C4247LQI-BL483 a.k.a CY8C4247-BL)?

      Well, to be more precisely, dead on the day after it arrived. All 4 kits of them.


      I was quite happily to receive the ordered all 4 of CY8CKIT-142 kits yesterday

      and do some quite VDDx-GND check with ohm measuring with Agilent U1242A.

      All 4 kits with all their VDDA/-R/-D behaved normally (measured around dozens

      of k-ohms back and forth). Then it was stored in a PP box, a way

      (or kind of boxes) was used for keeping many eval-board here for years.


      Then the most weird thing happened: earlier this morning when I was about to start

      using these kits, I found all their VDDx-GND are shortened, i.e. lesser than

      5 ohms was measured when I did the same test, with same instrument as yesterday!

      And it was further confirmed when I tried to supply power to it: I got 200 mA passed

      even the voltage is not over 0.5 V! I am quite sure that there should be no ANY

      additional operating from yesterday to this morning.


      I am running a project of some consumer goods and used to enjoying what was

      provided by cypress. However, I cannot be sure if I should rely on something so

      unpredictable like this! All 4 dead on the day after arrival really surprised me.


      Please, is there anyone in cypress could help me?