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    connection between CY7C68013 and CMOS sensor

      Hi all,


      I am trying to use CY7C68013 to grab image sensor data. But I am confused about the hardware connection between CY7C68013 and CMOS sensor.

      The CMOS has following interface:

      • sysclk (in)
      • exposure (in)
      • line_valid (out)
      • frame_valid (out)
      • pix_clk (out)
      • Data:D0-D7 (out)
      • I2C


      My questions are:

      1. Where can I interface the line_valid, frame_valid, pix_clk signal?

      I found a case from web:

      • pix_clk==>IFCLK,
      • line_valid==>SLWR,
      • frame_valid==>GPIO.

      Is this correct? If frame_valid==>GPIO, how can this GPIO control the data transfer?

      2. If I want an external camera triggering architecture, the CMOS_exposure should be connnected to CY7C68013 and then use the external_trigger signal to trigger a GPIO interrupt of CY7C68013? Or just connect the external_trigger to CMOS_exposure dirctly?

      3. Is it possible to use the CLKOUT of CY7C68013 to source the CMOS_sysclk? (such as 26.66MHz)

      4. Which mode is more suited for this application? Slave FIFO or GPIF?


      Thanks in advance.




      Zheng Rong