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    When using a fixed function timer in one-shot mode, is the capture register reset when terminal count is reached?


      I'm attempting to use a fixed function timer in one-shot mode to do an A/D conversion of a joystick input.  I have the joystick potentiometer charging a capacitor with the output connected to the timer capture pin, so when the capture input reaches the Vih threshold, the counter should be captured.  When using the fixed function version, the capture register always reads the same value as the period register.  If I use the UDB variant, when I read the capture register I get the expected value in my ISR.


      I found this thread Fixed Function Timer Interrupt on capture not available and found if I enable interrupts on capture as well as TC when using the FF version, I get the value actually captured and not the period value when I read the capture register in my ISR .  For the UDB variant, when I disable the capture interrupt, I still get a valid value in the capture register after the terminal count interrupt is reached.  Is this expected?  I'm using PSOC creator 3.1 SP3.