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    How can PSoC 4 (CY8CKIT-042) be powered up using external battery / batteries?


      Hello everyone,


      A simple question: How can I power up PSoC 4 using external battery? Instead of using the USB as a power supply, I would like to connect it to batteries.


      What type of batteries should be used? What is the suggested voltage and current for the PSoC 4? How are the batteries going to be connected? to which pins? What should I be aware of before I make any connections?/


      Please be generous and help me with this.





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          Hi Solomon,


          I guess you can connect a battery to CY8CKIT-042 between J1.2 (P4.VDD) and J1.5 (GND) pins to power the PSoC 4 device. However, all the peripherals on the kit may not be powered with that and only the PSoC 4 power domain would be active.


          You can use a CR2032 3V coin-cell battery to start experimenting with. Take care while powering the PSoC 4 through P4.VDD pin as it would not have protection circuit and may damaged the kit if reversed/shorted.


          Please refer to the kit Schematic for power domain details and refer to the PSoC 4 datasheet for complete range of Voltage and Current specifications.


          BTW, checkout these Pioneer Kits which have coin-cell battery support by default.