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    Filter Channel B 16 bit DMA issue


      Investigating 16 Bit Filter Operation Example Project(https://www.hackster.io/bmah/psoc-5lp-16-bit-and-24-bit-digital-filter-code-examples-ddcf9c),

      I discovered a strange anomaly.

      Everything works fine, until you change from channel A to Filter channel B. Almost in all input signal range, the output filter signal is dramatically distored like an overload in the middle of scale. Here are some pictures. First pic. - Ch. B, second one - Ch. A. Yellow - Input, Blue - Output.

      In the same time corresponding 8 and 24 bit examples works fineFilt16bit_B_1V.jpgFilt16bit_A_1V.jpg on both channels.












































      Modified project in attach. To choose between Flter Channels comment/uncomment #define FiltA at the beginning of main.c.