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    how to build fw_bcmdhd.bin

      I user fw_bcmdhd.bin in this post Quick Start with iMX6 Ultralite EVK and Mass Market Modules  it work; but I use wiced sdk "make snip.xxx-BCM943362WCD4" get xxxx.scan-BCM943362WCD4.bin ,it not work.


      How to build the bin like "fw_bcmdhd.bin"?

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          The fw_bcmdhd.bin is the firmware binary for the Radio chip(43362). The one you got from wiced-sdk(xxxx.scan-BCM943362WCD4.bin) is the application binary. The firmware binary that you are looking for is located at /43xxx_Wi-Fi/resources/firmware/43362 , in wiced-sdk .

          Then again there will be differences between resources of the two binaries. You could use the strings and hexdump commands to find analyse the two binaries and diff them to find the differences. You could also use binwalk tool for a deeper analysis of the binaries.

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            I know the firmware binary has no source code that can not be compiled.