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    When SDK2.2 will be released lately?


      SDK: 2.1.

      Tag: 920737.

      app: OTA hello-sensor.

      Security: pass key failure at SDK2.1.1



      Test on passkey security but BT connection is always on. It is claimed that

      the bug will be fixed in release SDK2.2. So would like to double check when will

      it be released? And I check the old SDK, it seems, it's working in old version v2.0

      but currently version is not working.

      the other question is, if the hello sensor device has 4 master handset there, if first one

      is connected with passkey, and afterwards it can auto be on with BT slave. How about

      other new three attempt on BT connection? Do they need to enter passkey or they can connect

      the device without input passkey? TKS