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    Automatically compiling a project on Linux

      I have a project that I want to compile on a Linux docker container for continuous integration capabilities.

      The project can be build on Linux by making  a few changes to the project, which are:


      • Changing the compiler in Tools -> Options -> Project Management -> ARM Toolchains to ARM GCC generic and pasting the path of the compiler in my Linux image.
      • Generating the makefile by using the Project -> Export to IDE tool -> Makefile tool.
      • Edit the makefile so that "make all" compiles up to the elf file, and not the hex file (As that requires using the Cypress tool which is a .exe file https://community.cypress.com/message/89977#89977)


      After these steps, when committed, my CI system will automatically build the .elf file.


      My two questions are:

      1. Is there a way to change the compiler path automatically or change it after the Make file is generated?
      2. Is there a tool to generate the makefile from the command line?