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    how to download the calibrated data into e2prom in CY8C29466

      hi, there

         I am using CY8C29466 as the mcu of a mems sensor.  I need to get the output from the e2prom according to the analog input, which is as used an index to search the data in e2prom. Before this , the calibrated data more than 1000 in a text file is needed to write into the e2prom first. But I don't konw how to do this?

         I have researched the related file to e2prom, AN2015. It uses an an array to store the data written into the e2prom. However, this is not practical when there is a lot of data to be written.

         Does  anyone konw any other method to download the calibrated data into e2prom?

      Looking forward to your reply!