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    ADC_SAR_Seq measurement on 9 pins



      I want to use the adc to measure 9 different inputs. I configured the ADC_SAR_Seq to be single ended with

      input range: vssa to vdda

      Reference: internal Vref

      voltage reference: 2.5 volts (vdda/2)

      Free running and internal clock source.


      The code is simple, I start the adc and start the conversion and then create a for-loop and read the results in 16 bit, then I convert those results to voltages:


      int16 ch1, ch2, ch3, ch4, ch5,......,ch9;

      float32 volt1, volt2, volt3, volt4, volt5,...,volt9;


      int main(){








                     ch1 = ADC_SAR_Seq_GetResult16(0);

                     ch2 = ADC_SAR_Seq_GetResult16(1);



                     volt1 = ADC_SAR_Seq_CountsTo_Volts(ch1);

                     volt2 = ADC_SAR_Seq_CountsTo_Volts(ch2);









      I am able to measure the pins manually to check if the adc measurements are correct, and I am able to put 5V on one of the pins.

      What I would expect is for one of the adc measured pins to return a value of 5 volts and the rest to return the value 0,

      but I get results where all of my measurements are approximately the same value (about 5 when I put the 5V on one pin and 0.1 when there is nothing on the pins).

      I know that the correct voltages of the pins are 0 for the ones who are not connected to the 5 volt for the connected one. Therefore I am very confused by these results, does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?