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    Manufacturing Bluetooth Test Tool not working

      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to set up a performance test of the CYW920706WCDEVAL board with the Manufacturing Bluetooth Test Tool.


      I followed the steps described in /WICED-Studio-6.0/Doc/Manufacturing-Bluetooth-Test-Tool.pdf but whe I run the command mbt reset nothing happens, it gets stuck at:


      Sending HCI Command:

      0000 < 03 0C  00 >


      For more information, the board is programmed with demo.audio.headset-CYW920706WCDEVAL, which is compatible with the HCI controller. All I want to do is get statistics about the received packets (CRC errors, and packet loss, mostly). I use the CYW920706WCDEVAL as an audio sink. The audio source comes from a non-CYW20706 device (smartphone and PC). If you know an efficient way to do so, let me know please.


      Setup: Windows 7 x64


      Thank you in advance.

      Luis CRUZ