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    PSOC5 Burn out problem


      Dear all,

      I have a new board based on CY8C5468AXI-LP106 device. After 10-20 minutes the chip gets hot and the power consumption in the external power supply goes from a few mA to hundred of mA and chip gets hot. During this time I can program and debug the board using miniprog3.

      I have revised the schematic and checked symbols and footprints of all components and do not see any thing wrong.

      I attache schematic and some screenshots of the PSOC Creator if you want to have a look. On the Schematic, FILA_X are digital outputs, and COL_X are analogue inputs going to an internal AMUX/ADC. The Power supply is 9V and with two regulators goes down to 5V and 3V3.

      Could you please have a look and check if there is anything wrong? have anyone an idea what can be the problem?

      Thanks in advance,