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    How to configure Memory Slave Device Address & Control Registers in CY14C101J?




      I am currently working on CY14C101J1 nvSRAM ,interfaced to atmega2560,i need to know about Device Select ID(A2,A1) & A16 in Memory slave address or control register. According to datasheet it has been mentioned that ic is of 17bits and needs 3 registers ,17th bit (A16) is mapped to the slave address select bit (A0). The dedicated two address bytes represent bit A0 to A15. 

      (1).  Is there is relation between device select(A2/A1) to above address bits.

      (2.).  can you share some example code to use  Memory slave address & control register


      Slave ID  A2    A1(device select)A16   R=1/W=0 
      1 0 1 0   ?       ?  ?               0