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    Using a USB Composite device/CDC COM port for bootloading?


      Hi all, I'm looking to create a USBFS Composite device of a standard USB HID Keyboard and a CDC Interface USB UART.  So far this has been no problem, Windows is properly recognizing both the HID Keyboard and the COM port (with the help of the CDC inf generated by creator).


      What I'd like to do is get the bootloader component working using the CDC COM port.  I'm using a CY8CKIT-050 to try and prototype this out.


      What is giving me trouble is creating a bootloader project to use this USBFS configuration.  It seems that the bootloader component will only accept an HID bootloader in the USBFS component, and not a CDC USB UART.


      Is it possible to use the CDC USB UART as an interface for the Bootloader component?  Or would I have to "Roll my own" in order to do so?  My goal would be able to accomplish this with the host PC only having to use a single driver for the CDC USB UART rather than having to switch over to an HID device for the bootloader.



      Thanks in advance for any advice.





      After some digging I found a helpful project Here:

      Re: Bootloader using USBUART Doesn't Work

      Long story short, you have to use a custom interface.  The one provided in that example got me going.