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    CRC in UDB


      I'm trying to create a CRC16 (poly 0x1021, initial value 0x0000), and ideally I would like the UDB's to do the serial input XOR (i.e. not using the EXTCRC function).

      I'm simulating to confirm the device using the cy_psoc3_dp.v model in the warp sim library and despite having looked at how I should configure and connect the UDB's, I can't get any sensible operation from the simulation.


      So firstly I observe that the CRC_v2_40 module in the library uses EXTCRC calculations for the feedback, and I can't find an example that uses the internal feedback, which makes me concerned that there might be an issue with the internal feedback.


      Also when I look at the simulation model, cfbo from the least significant byte comes from sir ^ msbo, but I need to feed in the external serial in, into route_si. PSoCCreator will not allow me to feed it into sir (it only expects chaining signals).


      I would have expected that in the cfbo equation that sir would be replaced by an s_r_source.