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    Write Using Characteristic Uuid?




      Checking the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 3.30 component Datasheet, among the GATT Client Functions I found functions to read a characteristic using either its UUID or its handle to define the characteristic you want to read from:





      But, in the case of writing there is no function available to write to a characteristic using  the UUID of the characteristic as reference. You can only use the handle as reference to define the characteristic you want to write to using this function (among others):




      Is there a reason for this limitation, I mean is there a reason for not having a GattcWriteUsingCharacteristicUuid kind of function?


      In case I know the UUID of a characteristic I want to write to but I don't know its handle, which is the simplest  and quickest sequence I could follow in order to obtain its handle and be able to use GattcWriteCharacteristicValue? Maybe using GattcDiscoverCharacteristicByUuid?


      Thank you for your help.