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    Simplest Way to Add 10 Hz ISR to PSOC4000S?


      I have a project using a CY8C4024AZI-S403 device.  I have running code but wanted to create a simple timer ISR that can perform things like scan for key presses etc.


      I've used a GlobalSignal before on a PSoC4 BLE so I added one called GlobalSignal_2 with an attached isr_1. In the configuration window, GlobalSignal_2 uses Watch Dog Timer Interrupt (WDTInt).


      I then went into the LFClk setting and enabled the Timer (WDT) as a free running timer (see attachment), added code to main to start the isr - isr_1_start(); -and added code to the isr_1.c file as follows:






          #endif /* isr_1_INTERRUPT_INTERRUPT_CALLBACK */



          /*  Place your Interrupt code here. */

          /* `#START isr_1_Interrupt` */



          /* `#END` */



      It compiles and runs but doesn't seem to ever call the ISR as tedscount never increments.  If I change the Timer (WDT) to mode Watchdog (w/interrupt) my code seem to get stuck in a doom loop - not sure what's happening


      Any ideas what's wrong?