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    Analog alarm with  Cy8ckit-049-42xx

      Hi community , can anyone help me how can i do when the  value of the singal when moving the potentiometer reaches 2500 mv start to blink a led and when it reaches less than 2500 the led turn off, i have the cy8ckit-059 and first i was asigned to make a timer that counts from 8-6-4-2-1-0 and then goes back 0-1-2-4-6-8, after that other program which is, show in a LCD the variation of mv using a potentiometer, but now i have to do it but when it reaches more than 2500 mv it has to start the time counter in the same secuence and if it decrease less than 2500 mv the timer turn off, could you help me please to do it? Or in a easy way just adding a led instead the timer and when the lecture is more than 2500 mv the led turns on and when decrease less than 2500 the led turns off


      NOTE: ( to display the lecture variation in mv i used instead of LCD the arduino ide program) Just opening it then selecting the COM3 port then clicking the magnifying glass icon and in the new window that pops up writing S and send and now when i rotate the potentiometer the value of mv changes in the screen


      Also it would be nice if you could help me to do as in this video but using the psoc Cy8ckit-049-42xx i really need it and i been trying many times to do this but i always fail

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          This project requires 3 Comparators and 3 DAC's  the device you are trying to use only has 2  comparators and 2 DAC's  so it will not fit the Cy8ckit-049-42xx.  I guess you could use and external comparator using a LM339AN. and some kind of resistor network to replace the DAC's that is the reason they selected the CY8C5888LTI-LP097 for the project.  This something you have to watch out when you are selecting a kit for a project. Also the Device you want to use adds additional issues due to the lack of a on board programmer.  I would suggest that you modify the program or use the CY8CKIT-059 as the program calls for.