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    [C# programming] CY3295-MTK TrueTouch® Manufacturing Test Kit


      I refer to "psoc_programmer_com.pdf", programming with c#,


      True Touch Bridge 1.32


      COM 19


      my requirement are:

        Reset pin - keep high (could set high/low by myself, not only a pulse)

        INT pin - set as Input, can polling the status, or interrupt mode


      1. Reset pin of CY3295 bridge keep low, but I want to keep it high


      2. ToggleReset(IN polarity, IN duration, string OUT strError)

        polarity is valid, but duration invalid, measure by logic analyzer, the duration always be 0.5ms


      3. USB2IIC_DataTransfer(new byte[]{0x02, 0x00, 0x90, driveMode) set the drive mode of INT pin,

        But refer to 001-11729_PSoC_3_CY8C38_Programmable_System-on-Chip_Datasheet.pdf

        driveMode: 0 = analog function, 1 = digital input,

        but the TsTest.exe use 0 as Low active input and 3 as High active input, why?


      4. USB2IIC_AsyncMode1(0, null, out str) seems not set to Sync. mode.

          USB2IIC_DataTransfer(new byte[] { 2, 0, 0x93 }, out recv, out str) seems work,

          But the there after I2C_ReadData(out recv), recv[0] always be 0x01, seems override by COM?


      5. Is there any solution or workaround? COM or HID packet are all fine, I can handle it.


      Developer from Taiwan