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    Want to hire: expert for CX3/FX3 for determining clock/color format for 1440 x 1440 @ 90FPS

      We are out of our league. Can't figure out how to send OV4688's 1440 x 1440 @ 90 FPS over the bus to the CX3 at full 90 FPS. Using just 8 bits of the CX3's GPIF, with what little I know about clock values, it seems like I wouldn't be able to send more than about 42 FPS. If I could somehow use all 24 bits of the GPIF, I might be able to capture all 90 FPS.


      I'm willing to pay decent $ (depends on how you look at it), for somebody to work with me directly and help me figure out some of this black-magic clock and color format voodoo for the CX3. I'll eventually figure it out, but why waste my time when you experts know this stuff inside & out?