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    LCD something of a screensaver effect. 4x20 Hitachi style

      Hello everyone,


      Hello everyone. Iam creating a subsystem. In this subsystem people need to go through a menu with a Quadrature Decoder. Once people stop using the decoder i want it to switch to a different display (currently only the text "Device is in IDL". Once people use the decoder again i want it to switch back to the menu. Currently i wrote a code that i though should work. Fortunately it doesn't switch to the part of the code when the idle is turned on.


      I currently use the PSoC 5 CY8C5888AXI-LP096 on a FreeSoc 2 Dec board. As display i use a 4x20 hitachi style display.

      What i currently get is that it stays in the menu code or it imidiatly goes to the idl screen and that once it is in idl it doesn't go back to the menu mode. What happens allot to is that when i move the decoder it immidiatly goes to the idl screen while the timer hasn't run out yet. and that it only does it onces and after that not anymor. Interrupt flag??


      thank you

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