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    How to control Watchdog Timer input clock frequency ?



      I am working on PSoC Low power mode to my application & it is required to move MCU in deep sleep mode to reduce current.

      As of now, I am getting 2 sec of deep sleep interval with watchdog timer (wakeup source). And in the project, it is required to get more than 2 sec.

      While working on deep sleep I get to know that watchdog timer works with WCO as clock source which is 32.768 KHz, If I could reduce this clock to 1 KHz, Than I can get as much as 64 sec of deep sleep interval which is more than enough to my project.

      Can anybody guide me, How to reduce clock for watchdog timer ?

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                    There will be no need to reduce the clock for watchdog timer for increasing the deep sleep interval. To increase the deep sleep time interval you can use two Watchdog timers which are WDT0 and WDT1 through cascading. Please see the code below which tells about how to cascade the two timers. WDT1 will generate interrupt on match value.



                       For more information on Watchdog Timers please refer the code example "Watchdog_PSoC4_Example" in PSoC Creator.





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