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    H and V blanking values

      In Cypress EZ USB Suite's CX3 Configuration project, in the Frame Configuration, we need to set both H and V blanking values. In the example code for OV5640, H blanking is set to 50 for all resolutions and V blanking set to 5. I went through the spec. and ov's source code, and still couldn't figure out how 50 and 5 were calculated!




      I am trying to port the example code to support another OV sensor, so without knowing these two values, I couldn't make the project work.

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          Hi Gao Xiang,


          The H_blank and V_blank values are used to calculate the H_toal and V_total respectively. When you decied the resolution of video stream, i.e., the hight, width, bits/pixel and frame rate are fixed. Consequently, the V_total could be get from 1/(frame rate). In the CX3 receiver configuration tool, you need to set the MIPI CSI clock value, data lane, H/V_active value according to the resolution you choose.

          After that, the configuration tool will generate some necessary parameters in the right panel of this tool.

          If you change H_blank and V_blank, it will lead to a different  value of some other parameters, such as the range of PCLK.

          Hope this will help you.