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    PSOC Creator 4.1 compiler bug?


      Hello. Very new to PSOC tools and kits (started Friday) so may be wrong but we are experimenting with PSOC 4.1 and PSOC4 evalkit.


      With the PSOC Creator 4.1 - unable to switch the Build Settings from DEBUG to RELEASE.


      1) Can someone please confirm if the results are the same on your side?


      Right mouse click on the project name -> Build Settings -> Change CONFIGURATION from DEBUG to RELEASE -> Apply -> OK.


      Leave this pull down menu and enter again the same menu. For us, DEBUG is back again as the ACTIVE setting. Even if you attempt to make RELEASE as the ACTIVE setting, no go for us.


      2) However, the pull-down setting in the toolbar does appear to work. Please confirm if this is true for you as well.




      Toolbar selection appears to stick and is reflected in the above setting.





      Compiler bug or a local issue??