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    JTAG programming - what bin files to use

      Using the Wiced IDE, I see this when sending the compiled program to the eval board:


      Downloading Bootloader ...

      No changes detected


      Downloading DCT ...

      No changes detected


      Downloading Application ...

      Download complete


      And everything works.


      I'm at the point where I'd like to JTAG program my eval board. I have an ST-Link that I use and I normally take a *.bin and program and verify it. However, when I take the bin file from Wiced and program it using my JTAG programmer it doesn't work (nothing starts up, but the program is there in memory)


      For example (using the uart snippet)


      I have my binary in:



      When I upload this, it doesn't work.


      I feel like I'm missing something obvious here. Do I need to up load these files as well?





      If so, how do I do it (do I put them in a different address space?)


      If there any documentation on doing this? I'm a little in the dark here.