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    Interface to application MCU

      Hi, we are working to integrate WICED module with an separate application MCU.

      We went throught the SDK 3.1.1 tools, drivers, but have not found a likely sample code starting point.

      Can someone help guide us to figure out:


      a. a suitable serial IO channel on WICED module

      b. some starting point for the application MCU interfacing software.   I imagine WICED would respond to

      commands to control the WiFi, setup and tear down data connections, etc.  So there would need

      to be a physical channel (UART, SPI) and a command stack for the application MCU to

      manage the interface.  A little like modem AT commands I suppose.


      In concept we are shooting for this, essential a CAT5 wire replacement:


      Current wired network:



      MCU with MAC

          |----------------  PHY ----- 100BT ------------ LAN/WAN




      Wire replacement using WICED:


      Application                      WICED

      MCU                               module --V    LAN/WAN

         |<--------- serial channel ----->|


      The serial channel could be UART or preferably SPI


      The MCU is a Cortex M4 class processor