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    GPIO interrupt event cannot be received!


      Dear Sir,


      I add GPIO interrupt in my CX3 UVC code, when CyU3PGpioInit() is called, the return value is 0x43, it means " CY_U3P_ERROR_ALREADY_STARTED,       /**< An object/module that is already active is being started. */


         /* Init the GPIO module */

            gpioClock.fastClkDiv = 2;

            gpioClock.slowClkDiv = 0;

            gpioClock.simpleDiv = CY_U3P_GPIO_SIMPLE_DIV_BY_2;

            gpioClock.clkSrc = CY_U3P_SYS_CLK;

            gpioClock.halfDiv = 0;

            status = CyU3PGpioInit(&gpioClock, CyFxGpioIntrCb);


      I review the code of GpioApp ,which is within SDK1.3.3 directory. no big different is found between my cx3 code and GpioApp, but GpioApp code ,no 0x43 error while calling CyU3PGpioInit(). the GpioApp is working fine, but my code cannot receive GPIO event at all.


      I also read the source code of CyU3PGpioInit(), if the object is already started, it just register Callback and return, it seems this 0x43 error is just a warning.


      Can  anyone give me some advice?