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    Not able to build a target for WICED SENSE



      I am running into some error while making the target with WICED-Smart-SDK-2.1.1.


      00:41:27 **** Build of configuration Release for project WICED-Smart-SDK ****

      "C:\\Users\\amitag\\Documents\\WICED\\WICED-Smart-SDK-2.1.1\\WICED-Smart-SDK\\make.exe" WICED_SENSE-BCM920737TAG_Q32 download UART=COM66

      make.exe[1]: *** No rule to make target '../../build/WICED_SENSE-BCM920737TAG_Q32-rom-ram-Wiced-release/drivers/l3gd20_driver.o', needed by '../../build/WICED_SENSE-BCM920737TAG_Q32-rom-ram-Wiced-release/A_20737A1-WICED_SENSE-rom-ram-spar.elf'.  Stop.

      Makefile:329: recipe for target 'WICED_SENSE-BCM920737TAG_Q32' failed

      make: *** [WICED_SENSE-BCM920737TAG_Q32] Error 2

      How do I troubleshoot this error?