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    Broken WICED Toolchain


      Ok, will try to be civil but perhaps it is all on us but why do these tools not work as advertised and out of the box?


      1) After investing 2 hours on last weeks Mouser webinar, got pumped on the presentation and energy by Alan and ran out to purchase a mix of Cypress kits through Mouser.


      2) Have now the WICED evalkit (not the IMP version). Will deal with Murata later on the 100k MOQ of this module.


      3) Have now the PSOC 6 evalkit.


      PSOC6 evalkit fails to pair up with our Huawei P8 Lite phone - why? Can pair up fine with the Windows USB dongle (supplied with the kit) but is of no use for the slider demo. Why not supply a complete demo that can run on Windows? Guessing the finger pointing will be on the phone so will see if we can track down the Huawei engineers who created this phone. Moving on not being able to use the BLE demo...


      Opened the WICED evalkit to install on Windows 7 64 bit. The download of the IDE toolchain went smooth -> ran the installer and all but the Broadcom module installed the drivers. Yes, saw the single line stating that if the drivers do not install, they can be found in the installation folder.


      Is it too much to ask to fix the download file to run the installer to perform this task? Send it over here and will get our staff to get this working for you.


      After investing 30 minutes, found buried sub-folder to install this new module.


      Great! Excited (a bit)...


      Ran the IDE and the IDE is populating a default project -> more excitement and did a clean -> then build.


      Results are attached.


      What is the issue here?


      This is a deja-vu of our experience with the USB Type C tools where we raised a mix of issues including the fact that the rather expensive kit we sourced did not meet the advertised specs. The fine traces used in the PCB layout will be more enjoyable than the Macy's fireworks if someone was to push that much current through the PCB.


      The initial experience of Cypress tools is not pleasant and hope there is a quick resolution so we can move forward to get a ROI and not just invest countless hours to debug purchased tools to supply feedback for our competition.


      Is it no longer possible to actually receive a working piece of equipment that simply works as advertised?