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    PSOC6 BLE fails to pair up with Huawei P8 Lite


      Hello. Received the PSOC6 Kit with BLE and started some testing after watching the Mouser sponsored webinar last week. The supplied BLE USB stick is able to pair up with the kit without issues and can perform Discovery, etc. As far as we know, the slider bar demo is only for the mobile phones. On this relatively new phone (purchased late summer) which works fine as a phone, fails to pair up with the kit. No issue as noted in connecting via the Windows BLE tool.


      What is the issue? With the phone or the app or the kit?

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          Hello, are you using the cysmart app on your phone?... You don't need to pair the psoc to your phone, just open the cysmart app and look for devices ...

          In fact, the demo project is not designed to be paired, the phone or computer will show an error saying that the device doesn't support pairing...


          In your custom project if you want, you can enable pairing with the security options in the ble api on psoc creator... And you need to accept the device pair request by code in the ble service vector. An if you use a pin, you'll also will need to validate it, and send a response to your phone.

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            Hello and thanks for your reply.
            1) Tried to reply through my email but that does not work and failed to post. Appears my censored version of this question was posted.



            2) In following the glossy insert supplied with this PSOC6 kit, step 4 is what we see in that the PSOC6 kit is NOT PAIRED.
            3) Instructions state to connect to the "PSOC 6 BLE UI" peripheral. When we do this, the CySmart app reports that it is unable to pair. So agree with your comments about the "device does not support pairing".


            4) Assuming the app and instructions are incorrect - how are you running this demo if you cannot connect to this BLE PSOC6 "out of the box demo"? It is not possible to continue the demo unless you are connected to this UI. Is this not the same as being paired up to the PSOC6 ?


            Will keep trying. Next plan was to hit the local mall to buy a phone that is able to run this limited app and pair up with the PSOC6. Hope that is not necessary.

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              1) censored version?


              4) The instructions and app are correct, I can assure you that. There is no need to pair up the device in order to establish a connection. When the demo is in discovery mode, the cysmart app in the phone displays the devices as "BLE UI".


              Even the app shows the pairing state as "Not Paired"... And if you click on that blue button, the app will try to pair up wiht the psoc, resulting in the message "this device doesn't support pairing". Just click on the device info. It should connect without problems.


              To your cuestion "Is this not the same as being paired up to the PSOC6 ?", No, that is not the same.. You can be paired up whitout being connected, and you can connect whitout being paired up.

              Don't go buy another phone, there is nothing wrong with yours, as I say, the demo project "CE220167 PSoC BLE UI" doesn't support pairing, and it is not necessary.

              If your own application needs pairing (as mine), you can enable the device to accept pairing by code inside the callback function of Cy_BLE_ProcessEvents().

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                We do see the BLUE BUTTON (Not Paired) -> correct on the device doesn't support pairing. Where is the Device Info button or area to click? BTW, we are on Android 6.0 (not sure if this is an issue or not).


                We have a few posts since starting this exercise to review the Cypress WICED Evalkit and also this PSOC 6 kit with not positive results, to date.


                Did manage to resolve on how to build for the WICED dualband wifi kit target. Took over 30 minutes to find the proper device driver to install the WICED toolkit  - the installer does not do this automatically for each of the USB composite functions. The absolute string used in the USB device does not map correctly to the default FTDI device driver INF files. Rather, there is a buried installer inside the installation folder and it was fun to locate. This driver really should have been bundled and auto-installed inside the WICED toolchain.


                Have used PSOC 4.2 creator to rebuild this factory supplied firmware for PSOC6 but with the same results as noted in this thread.


                We have rebuilt the factory source code using the examples folder - CE220167 PSoC BLE UI project.


                The kit now broadcasts "BLE UI" and continues to not pair. Which may be fine as you noted but not sure where is the DEVICE INFO?


                Is there a possibility of the BLE app being confused due to a nearby Blackberry Playbook and BLE Logitech devices? Will attempt to shut them off to move forward. The app appears to be not consistent in picking up the "BLE UI" label. The evalkit is orange.


                Also, when the firmware is compiled, the programmer shows 2 targets - one is the M0 target and the other M4 target. Finding that the M4 target is all that appears to matter. Is this accurate or should we invoke the programming tool with M0 specific firmware and then repeat for the M4 firmware? The e-ink LCD appears to reset everytime after programming the firmware to just the M4 selected target. So believe we are ok here.


                Appreciate your effort to resolve the many issues we are facing on starting up these new kits.

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                  Try doing this to pair up the psoc with your phone.

                  do the following steps in the CE220167 PSoC BLE UI project:


                  1. Open the TopDeisgn.cysh file, in the "BLE_and_Interrupts" page double click the BLE component to open its API.


                  2. In the API go to the "GAP settings" tab (1), in the Security configuration (2), you'll see that the "Bonding requirement" configuration (3) is set as No bonding, change it to Bonding, then Apply the changes and click OK. This will enable the PSoC to process pairing requests from other devices.

                  GAP settings.png

                  3. Now is necesary to accept those requests, you do this in the ble events. In the C files for the Cortex M4 core of the project you'll see a "ble_application.c" file, open it, and inside you'll find the function "StackEventHandler"


                  4. You need to modify that function, you'll add 5 lines of code.

                  right before the switch statement add:


                  cy_stc_ble_gap_auth_info_t * gapAuthinfo;


                  and inside the switch, below the CY_BLE_EVT_STACK_ON case... add the following case:


                  case CY_BLE_EVT_GAP_AUTH_REQ:

                       gapAuthinfo = (cy_stc_ble_gap_auth_info_t *)eventParameter;

                       gapAuthinfo->authErr = CY_BLE_GAP_AUTH_ERROR_NONE;




                  and that's all, clean and build the project then program the psoc 6 ble device. And use your phone to pair up with the psoc 6.

                  I just did thewe steps, and you can see the results in my phone.

                  I paired up using the android interface.Screenshot_2017-11-12-11-27-06.png

                  This is how the device appears in the cysmart app.


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                    Hello, I was writing my answere above at the moment you respond.

                    The area to click is white button where the device info is shown, you can just click the name "BLE UI", it should work.

                    I am using a much older version of android, 5.0.2 on an Alcatel Idol 3 so you should be fine.


                    I have not tried the WICED eval kit so I might not know how to reply to that.


                    And the thing about the pairing, as I said, the demo project is not designed to support pairing, and it is not necesay to work with the cysmart app, it will never pair no matter what you do on your phone and how many phones you try it with, is a matter of configuration and code, in my answere above I shared some steps of how you can enable the pairing, try doing that, It worked for me.


                    I don't think the chip is being confused, the bluetooth 4.2 protocol can handle it, don't worry about that.


                    The two targets, In my tests, I haven't found any difference in the operation on programming the M4 or the M0+ ... I think it should be some differences, but they don't matter for this case, I think.


                    We all also had those issues when starting, I know how frustrating it can be, that's why I'm trying to help. Please tell me if you could pair with the PSoC using the steps in my answere.

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                      Hello. Many thanks for your continued efforts. Just attempted the same mods as you have posted and still have the same results. If we select the blue portion of the button with the details of this BLE device, cannot pair. If we select the white part of the same information button, unable to connect. We are only allowed the 20 seconds before the orange light on the evalkit goes off. Have attempted to press the RESET button as well as the recycle the BLE broadcast button, SW2.


                      Really suspecting that the Android 6.0 may be a quirk. Tomorrow, will test this same setup using one of the other staff member's Asus phone which may be a bit older.


                      Please note that the USB stick supplied with the evalkit on Windows is able to connect to this evalkit and can then dump some more details about this BLE device.

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                        Hope you are using the latest CySmart app from Play Store (v1.1.1.68).


                        I was able to connect and use the Out-of-the-Box demo of PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit on following phones:

                        Nexus 6 - running Android 6.0.1

                        Moto X (2nd Gen) - running Android 6.0

                        Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro - running Android 5.0.2

                        ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser - running Android 6.0.1


                        Please try with one of these phones (if you get) and see whether you are able to connect successfully.

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                          Well, now it is really weird...

                          Have you tried pairing the psoc using the android interface?... I tried pairing the psoc using the blue button on the cysmart and I couldn't either, But I could pair it using the android bluetooth discovery, and then I used the cysmart to connect.



                          As you say that the usb dongle is able to connect, transmit and receive information I think the psoc is fine, and as you say, there must be something in the android device... though srds says thats not the case, and also check the version of cysmart, I also use the v1.1.1.68


                          Other posibility is that the phone you're using doesn't support the BLE 4.2 protocol, though is highly unlikely...

                          I searched the huawei P8 Lite characteristics and it seems that it came with android 5.0 and you say you're using 6.0, is it the official android ROM you're using?

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                            The Cysmart app is the latest and same version as noted above from Google store. Have uninstalled and re-installed a few times.


                            Phone settings for bluetooth can detect the psoc6 when orange light is on but fails to pair. Is there another android app we should be testing?


                            Yes, Windows tool with pc and usb stick (Cypress) can see the kit and connect to see discovery info. Will test this setup again to be sure for the freshly compiled firmware.


                            All updates on the phone are factory invoked original. Android 6.0. Sometimes the phone is unable to scan and detect the kit which is concerning yet the kit is less than 2 feet away from the phone. There are Internet posts about this phone and wifi issues which is disturbing. We are also testing Samsung Artik tools (A053) and facing onboarding issues with their app and this phone. Samsung is investigating.

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                              Asus phone with Android 7.0 worked immediately using the same firmware on this PSOC6 kit. Now can see the slidebar demo on the phone operate in realtime. The orange light immediately starts to flash after we select the white part of the GUI button for the BLE UI. The Huawei phone sits there and finally times out for this "Connecting..." exercise.


                              So is the issue with the phone or Cysmart APP? Either way, it is quite possible that our end customers will have the Huawei phone which, at this time of writing, does not appear to function with the PSOC6 tools / BLE feature.


                              Just found an article that claims this P8 Lite can be upgraded to Android 7.0 but need to verify if the website is legit.




                              Need to do some more reading about this phone.


                              Many thanks to all for your continued support. Are Huawei phones not compatible with this kit?

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                                Well, I think that made clear that the issue is with the Huawei phone. I don't know if the android version has something to do with it, but google releases the android firmware and each company makes it compatible with their devices, probably Huawei is not implementing the ble protocol in their version, since you are using the official release...


                                Yeah, you'll have to do some research about your phone, if the ble protocol has a problem, then other users of that phone must have complains when connecting with other BLE devices, an upgrade of the firmware could solve the issue.


                                I don't think that the kit is not compatible with the phone, same as the samsung issue you mentioned, probably the problem is in the firmware of the phone, or its hardware, since other phones are not showing the same issue. It's time to do some reading in forums.

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                                  I also just purchased and connected the PSoC 6 BLE kit to the computer but after connecting, instantly it became unresponsive. Later, what I have found out that if it's connected to the computer then it's Bluetooth functionality became unresponsive (weird)  to the phone after I connected it to a normal USB power supply it worked as expected.