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    Psoc4 BLE low power issue for similar codes


      I am working on pedometer project and has interfaced ADXL362 with CYBL10163. When accelerometer is active micro controller reads data from ADXL362. I have similar two programs for operation in low power mode. Program named "Low_Power_Mode_Basic.cydsn" consumes approximately 73mA when accelerometer is active while program named "LPM_Basic_ADXL362.cydsn" consumes approximately 29mA when accelerometer is active.

      I checked settings and I didn't find any difference in both the program, but still there is huge difference in current consumption.I want to use program named "LPM_Basic_ADXL362.cydsn" but it disconnects after sometime with CySmart android mobile app while other program does not have connection failure issue. Please help to find why both programs are having different power consumption.