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    OTA Transfer Freeze: BCM20736

      Random OTA transfer Freeze
      I could able to perform OTA transfer for 20736 chipset. But there is random freeze in transfer.
      But whenever , the transfer is through OTA is successful.

      - using WsOtaUpgrade.exe
      Satechi USB 4.0 Bluetooth Adapter  [BCM20XXX]
      - Generated ota bin file.

      - Perform Fresh down load of initial version software 0.6
      - Initiate ota transfer from PC version 0.7
      - First transfer happens properly.
      - Again after Reset, revert back to 0.6 thourgh OTA. This goes fine.
      - Then, subsequent ota trasnfer creates random freeze in between transfer.
      - The sequence was repeated again and again with reset to target hardware. After 10 reset and restart the ota goes through complete sucessfully.
      - then all subssequent ota transfer are with freeze.at random point of transnfer.

      Attached debug message from both cases.